Buds - A Weed Journal (Mid-Size)

mid-98-1 Buds A Weed Journal
mid-98-1 Buds A Weed Journal
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Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, Pot, whatever you call it, we now have a journal for it. Write down all of the details of each strain so you can remember what you like and don’t like. This is a handy dandy tool whether you imbibe for medical reasons or for recreational use. It is something every Marijuana dispensary should offer their customers. With hundreds of strains and more coming out daily, you really need to keep track of your favorites as well as where you purchased it.  You can’t be expected to remember this stuff!

  • Printed in the USA
  • Soy-based ink
  • Acid-free recycled paper
  • Durable hard cover design



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